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Online payment methods collaborate with traditional financial institutions

The traditional way to send funds internationally is through the banking institution. Before, bank fund transfers were the most common payment method used by those who are in business. The funds would take a few days before reflecting in the recipient’s account, but there were hardly any alternatives aside from using money transfer agencies.


Money transfer agents 

The problem with using a money transfer agent is that it is ideal for those who are sending personal funds. The sender and recipient must be an individual. It was not possible for corporations to use this payment method for their international business transactions. Even domestic transactions such as that for payment of mortgages and loans could not be done by using a money transfer agent. 


There are various payment methods nowadays that provide us with advance payment solutions. One of these payment methods is that of an electronic wallet, also known as an e-wallet. The advantage of using an e-wallet is that some have the capacity to be linked to banking institutions and other financial services. So, if you have an e-wallet, you can send funds to a commercial bank account by making an online payment. Though there are e-wallets that may only be used for making a local payment transaction, there are those payment provider apps that also function in the same manner as an e-wallet. 

Linked accounts 

When you have an e-wallet with linked accounts, you can draw funds from those. Popular e-wallets can be used to make an online payment to several utilities, facilities, and other payment services. If you are making bills payment, there is no need to go to the company to hand over the cash or swipe a credit card, as there are bills payments online that accept payments from your e-wallet.

Traditional payment methods

There are now more ways to pay than the traditional payment methods of cash, checks, and credit cards. These advanced payment solutions such as e-wallets do provide us with faster transactions. Since the payment infrastructure has its foundation in the banking system, there was a need for e-wallets and other financial services to collaborate.

Payment ecosystem

It also makes the payment ecosystem have the support of the existing monetary institutions and that of the government. As there is competition, the traditional payment methods such as that of bank funds transfers are making innovations to keep up with the demands of their consumers for faster transactions. 

Mobile applications

Today’s mobile lifestyle has make it more difficult to please the consumers who want a seamless and unnoticeable payment transaction. If the consumer has difficulty making an online payment, they typically will drop their cart. Since there are many businesses that accept online payments, there are consumers who become loyal to the ones that enable them to pay with ease. It is a must for those who are into business to be able to provide their products and services internationally, if it is possible to do so. By integrating into their system the right payment gateway and designing their checkout, they may be able to provide a highly-satisfactory user experience.